Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How long will my treatment take?

A. A standard treatment will last approximately 30 minutes. If you haven't seen a podiatrist for a long time and require a significantly longer amount of time, the podiatrist will be happy to discuss treatment options with you.

Q. Will the treatment hurt?

A. General treatments are usually pain free and patients often report that they find sessions extremely relaxing and enjoyable (or even fall asleep!). The podiatrist will always aim to offer a pain free and pleasant service, however, in the cases of very sore or infected nails, there may be some discomfort, although the podiatrist will always take cues from the patient and take immense care not to progress beyond an individual's tolerance level.

Q. What do I need to prepare before my appointment?

A. It's usually better if ladies don't wear tights before their appointment, however, if you require assistance removing socks, stockings etc. we will be happy to help. Just let us know if you have any special requirements or we can help in any way.

Q. Can I pay by credit/debit card?

A. Yes that's no problem.

Q. Do I need to book my next appointment upfront?

A. No. We do recommend that you book your next appointment in advance and will ask if you wish to do so, as many people find that this method allows them to make plans, secure a preferred date and time, and ensures that they receive treatment within a suitable timeframe, however, if you would prefer to call a couple of weeks before, this is also absolutely fine.

Q. Can I cancel my appointment?

A. Of course! We understand that sometimes it's not always possible to stick to the arranged date. However, we do ask that wherever possible that you offer 24 hours notice and may ask you to pay 50% of your treatment cost if appointments are missed/cancelled without notice on more than one occasion.

Q. Can I purchase foot care products from the podiatrist?

A. The podiatrist carries a limited amount of stock although will be happy to make recommendations to you and in some circumstances may be able to source appropriate products before your next appointment.

Q. Am I too young, old etc. to see a podiatrist?

A. No! People of all ages seek foot care. The podiatrist treats all ages and genders and will be happy to treat specific issues or offer general maintenance. We recommend that people look after their feet throughout life in order to reduce the chances of problems at a later date.